Settlement of refugees

Refer  news item ‘Centre agrees on comprehensive settlement of PoK, West Pak refugees’ DE Aug 23. The refugees from PoK, West Pakistan living in Jammu and  other parts of the state have suffered much during partition and Indo-Pak wars of  1965 and 1971 due to callous attitude of successive Governments. They have protested and prostrated, have seen from pillar to post to air their grievances before the Central and State Governments.  But they have not been heared, they have not been compensated for the loss-whether men or material, they have suffered during the course of time. They have been assured of a dignified life, time and again, by politicians and by various delegations. But all promises made turned out to be mere rhetoric.
Despite living in the State for so much of time, they are not considered State subjects who like other citizen can enjoy their fundamental rights and privileges. They are paying a price for deeds which  are not of their own making.
Now time has come to redress their grievances once for all. They should not be made to suffer further in the future. The tag ‘refugees’ attached with then should be replaced by another bag ‘citizens’.
Yours  etc…
Amit Kumar
Gandhi Nagar


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