Settlement of refugees

It is a matter of great neglect, surprise and lack of wisdom that POK refugees of 1947, 1965 and 1971 are crying hoarse at top of their voice under almost 9 different units of leadership such as POJK, SOS, MJR-47, Muzaffarabad Committee, Baldev Singh Committee and Manhas Committee etc.
Every leader is leading for one time settlement of Rs 30.00 lacs claim. But these units have no unity, integrity and sympathetic attitude towards hapless POK refugees. In a recent press conference, I asked the reporter of a newspaper what will happen to this 68 years old struggle, she replied,” There are no heads” meaning that less participation from POK residents of Muzaffarabad, Mirpur and Poonch Districts of erstwhile J&K leaders.
At the fag end of my life, I appeal to all these organisation to come up under one umbrella. I further appeal to the fighters of this noble cause to move the idea for success during PM Modi Ji’s Government for one time settlement.
Yours etc….
D P Ajrawat
Chief Agri. Officer (Retd)
Rajbagh (Ujh) Kathua


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