Scindia says 14-16 cheetahs to be translocated to India

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NEW DELHI, Feb 9: As many as 14 to 16 cheetahs are expected to be translocated to India in the coming months, Union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said on Thursday and asserted that the government is making holistic efforts for wildlife protection and sustainability.
While emphasising the importance of protecting nature for future generations, he also said there is no space for a linear economy now and “there is no place for Take, Make, Dispose model”.
“Preserving wildlife and ensuring that it thrives is a very important part of our tradition as well as our treasure for us to maintain, develop and grow in a fiduciary role for the generations to come,” Scindia said here.
Briefing reporters about the government’s initiatives for wildlife conservation over the last nearly nine years, Scindia said 14-16 more cheetahs are expected to be translocated to India in the coming months.
At present, the government is working on the second phase of Project Cheetah and has signed a pact with South Africa. Cheetahs will be translocated from South Africa.
Under Project Cheetah, eight cheetahs were airlifted from Namibia and translocated to India. In September last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi released the first batch of cheetahs into the Kuno Palpur National Park (KNP) in Madhya Pradesh.
According to Scindia, who is in charge of the ministries of civil aviation and steel, the government’s strategy for wildlife conservation is focused on four key pillars — population, policy, people and infrastructure.
Scindia said a 360 degrees approach has been adopted and emphasised the importance of “animal passage plans” along with development.
In response to a query, he said that the Prime Minister wearing a jacket made of recycled plastic is also a message to the world.
“My father was very closely involved in wildlife conservation and I have been a wildlife enthusiast from a very young age. For me, it is an area of personal interest and passion,” Scindia said. (PTI)