Scholarship programmes for Indians in USA

It is a dream of every student to study in the top international. The only obstacle while pursuing this dream is the financial constraint. To ensure that the talented students are not declined quality education due to this constraint, ample number of national and international government and private bodies provide financial aids in the form of scholarships, grants and fellowships.
Various scholarships are offered to Indian Students to study in USA. Despite numerous scholarship offers provided for the student, some students are not enlightened by the details.
While applying for scholarships and financial grants students need to consider factors such as academic ability and performance.Scholarship can be availed in partial as well as full mode. Full time scholarships pay students the entire tuition fee, living expenses and other expenses. Partial scholarships pays only tuition fees.
We bring to you details about various scholarships available for Indian Students who are aspiring to study in USA.
Scholarships offered
Scholarships are categorized into two type namely Government funded and Non-Government funded.
Government Funded Scholarships offered are as follows:
Scholarship Name Description
Full-bright Nehru Research Fellowships Offers funding to Indian students who score outstanding in the academic. For students who want to pursue study at any level within accredited US institutions.
Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program Offers scholarship program to International Students, experienced professionals who want to pursue 10 months of academic study in the US.
Non-Government Funded Scholarships offered are as follows:
Cornell University Tata Scholarship This scholarship is offered to Indian students who wants to pursue undergraduate programs at the Cornell University
Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships This scholarship is offered to Indian students who want to pursue MBA Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Chicago Booth School of Business Offered by the Indian Trust Fellowship for the students who want to pursue full time MBA at the school.
NarotamSekhsaria Foundation Offers scholarship to the candidates with high academic records.
Asian Women in Business Scholarship Offers Asian Female students the opportunity of receiving funds in undergraduate business school in US university
Civil Society Leadership Awards Offers full funded scholarships to the students for master’s degree
Preply Scholarship Offers scholarship of $2,000 to domestic and International Students between age of 16 to 35.
Next Gen Scholarship Fund Offers scholarships to candidates who score above 3.0 GPA in the academics.
University specific scholarships provided are as follows:
* Harvard University Scholarship – offers scholarship to International students all over the world.
* New York University Wagner International Scholarship – provides scholarship programs to students who studies at MSU.
* American University Emerging Global Leadership Scholarship – offers scholarship to international students who have leadership potentials.
* Clark University Global Scholars Programs – Offers scholarship for first year International applicants. Scholarship of $2,500 is paid to the students.
Some of the other Scholarships offered to the International students include:
* Avvo Scholarship Program
* Federal Student Aid
* Global Scholarships for International Students
* Tata Scholarships
* Merit Scholarship for International Students
* Sports
* InlaksShivdasani Foundation Scholarships
* Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship
* Indian Trust Fellowship
Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship
To secure scholarships to study in USA, students need to qualify certain eligibility criteria.
Below are few criteria to get scholarship:
* Transcripts should be provided.
* Candidate must attend fulltime programs.
* Scholarship is applicable to Indian Students who hold degree from a recognized university in India.
* Students hold strong academic record and achievements.
How to apply for scholarship?
To apply for scholarships in order to study in USA, candidates and students follow below steps:
* Candidates can apply online by filling the application form and submitting the supporting documents.
* Enquire in the University and School’s office regarding various schemes, financial aids and scholarship programs available.
* Check for the eligibility on the websites and apply for respective programs offered by each University.
* It is advisable to apply early for the scholarship and search well in advance for scholarship providers.
The scholarships awarded to the International students is non-transferable. The recipient of the scholarship should maintain the minimum CGPA mentioned by the University. Students should also note that the acceptance of the scholarships, financial aids and assistance is subject to approval from the foundation who is offering it.


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