Save Devika

This is in connection with the cleansing of Holy Devika (Udhampur).
The identity of Udhampur is connected with Holy Devika. Many people call Udhampur as Devika Nagri as the town is located  on  its  bank. The area between Ravi and Chenab was known as Madr Desh. According to Neelamat Puran, Goddess Parvati accepted herself to flow as Devika with  the aim to wash away the sins of the people. The Shiva temples were also constructed on  its bank.
On the confluence of Devika and Doodh Ganga, a ghat exists where dead bodies are cremated. The relics and ashes are naturally assimilated in Devika. Ashes are not carried to Haridwar as the place is considered most sacred and possess the status of elder sister of Holy Ganga. The  dead bodies whose last rites are completed here are assumed to have attained Moksha.
At present there is no much flow of water in Devika. The reason for drying up of Devika is unknown. Due to increase in population and large number of unauthorised construction made, sewage drains and wastage thrown have spoiled the sanctity of Devika  as the polluted water enter in the kunds. A serious note to this aspect is required to be taken at any cost to save Holy Devika.
Thousand of people from remote/rural area as well as local come on sacred occasions like Baisakhi, Guru Purnima, Shiv Ratri, Choudash, Lohri and Makar Sankranti etc to take holy bath and dip. It would be wise to get an expertise advice for cleanliness of
Devika. A layman idea to cleaning Devika is that existing flow of polluted water may be got diverted from the point near M H Chowk Taxi stand to the other side of temples, as previously unhealthy attempt was made but that was not suffice. Only spring/rain water be allowed to flow through Devika Ghat. now bore wells be created at Devika Ghat Kunds to facilitate the Holy bath to the devotees/pilgrims visiting on various occasions.
It is given to understand that our leaders have submitted a charted of demands to Union Government requesting development of tourism as certain scenic points  and a tourist to Jammu City etc. It is sad state of affairs that nothing has been done so far.
Yours etc…
Raj Guru
Udhampur (J&K)


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