Sangra ventures into literary field

O P Sharma
Santosh Sangra, a renowned theatre artist, has really made a pleasant entry into writing craft by her emotion-packed 154-page book  titled ” Kali Ganga”. It has been published by the Dogri Sanstha, a pioneer organisation devoted to promotion of literary and cultural heritage of Duggar region for the past 65 years.
Santosh Sangra, who has made already  a debut in the theatre field, has taken up urgent female issues in the 17 stories contained in this book under review. She has displayed remarkable technique in narrating the hard facts of life in a simple but absorbing tell-tale style in easy to understand Hindi language..
Keen Observations
Prof. Veena Gupta, General Secretary, Dogri Sanstha, has written foreword  praising the creative skill of the story book writer, Santosh Sangra and her ability to take up women issues: social, economic and political as well as the urgent need for women’s empowerment and enlightenment.
In her preface, the author has opined that her intimate experiences of life have left indelible imprint on her mind and these attained maturity leading to a  natural flow of ideas in this story book, which is her first venture in the literary field. Every one of her stories , she feels has distinct message  for the readers. Her plus point is that she does not only highlight the problems but seeks to suggest possible solutions as well. She has definite message for the discerning readers.
Key Issues Touched
The book has recently been released at a function attended by  writers and prominent citizens.  Indications are that this book has been received well  in the literary circles  and appreciated by the Dogri readership not only throughout Jammu and Kashmir but even outside the State.
Santosh Sangra, a well known theatre artist told me that she had interest in music, dramas and literary work. She had good innings at theatres and acting in dramas. But lately  decided to put her life-time personal observations and experiences, especially related to the issues concerning women-folk in our society in her literary work of short stories.
Talking about her choicest stories in the book under review, Santosh Sangra made special mention of Shikar, Haveli, Suhag Sundur, Kali Ganga, Mansi . Each story makes interesting reading and the characters, its seems are like human beings breathing and full of sentiments.
Absorbing Reading
The very first story “Lammi Duari” is about the pangs of injustice and insensitivity to sentiments related to women in the society. Most of the stories aptly depict with deep emotions the condition of females and problems facing them. The readers would certainly be touched by the basic themes, the art of narration in simple and direct language used by the Sangra. Being in the theatre, she has learnt the fine art of communication and this book has done its job well in attracting and sustaining the interest of the readership. Women were always having high status and with time due to decay and decline in the ethical value system there was pollution of sacred social order. She symbolizes this  pollution of our social system as ” Kali Ganga” and the lesson is loud and clear to cleanse it to make it harmonious, healthy and happy  society.
The book “Kali Ganga” is, in fact a wake-up call to our society to immediately pay proper attention to the  vital  problems and issues of women and realizing their potential and power actively enlighten and suitably  empower to play their key role in the overall advancement of the humanity. Sangra’s book certainly makes an  absorbing reading.
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