Salute to the Defence Forces

They guard our borders. They help us when the natural calamities burst. They also help in maintaining discipline and law and order in the country. They are dedicated to the nation. So, everyone, in the country salutes to our proud defense forces without the barriers of caste, creed, religion and sex. Our defence forces are known for their discipline all over the world. While our politicians divide us in the name of religion, caste, creed etc for self interests, our defense forces show us the light. Caste, creed, religion, or sex never comes in the way of our defense forces. They are one entity. They are always united. And their cause is to protect the country. Our politicians should learn from them how to serve the country. Recently a political party tried to shackle the sacrifices of forces and limited their sacrifices in the name of a ‘parivar’ of a political party. Indian forces are/were not the slaves of any particular family. The beloved country is the family of the defense forces.
Vinay Mahajan