Salute to simplicity

We often talk about VIP culture in our country. Roads are being closed and traffic disrupted till a VIP passes through. Public is put to discomforts . Any serious patient to be rushed to a hospital for medical emergency is put to risk. Besides their salaries, perks, houses, vehicles, security  air and rail tickets , medical free facility, canteen , pension to mention a few.
In this very country there is at least one example of a state minister in UP  who is too simple in living to be believed. He lives in the same village . He lives in the same hut. He lives with the same buffaloes and milks them and feeds them as usual. He conducts peoples Darbar in the same village house cum hut  and attends the office as well.Though he is from a Party which is traditionally against the BJP for votes, but this Minister is a fan of Modi ji and sweeps the floor himself with a broom saying when our Prime Minister can do it , why not I. He is social welfare Minister from UP’s  Behraich  Balha Assembly seat.His name is Bansi Dhar Bodh.
Yours etc…….
Aditi Rajput
Durga Nagar, Jammu


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