Sagar mocks Srinagar Smart City Project

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, July 25: The ambitious Srinagar Smart City project faced a scathing critique as heavy rainfall led to widespread inundation across the city, including the newly refurbished Polo View Market.
Ali Muhammad Sagar, the General Secretary of the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference, expressed his dismay, stating that the recent water logging incidents have revealed the inefficiency of the Smart City initiative.
In a statement, Sagar remarked, “the scenes of chronic inundation, particularly within the Polo View Market, have exposed the claims made about the city’s smart infrastructure. Crores of rupees were invested in various works under the Smart City project, with promises of a robust drainage system to handle storm water effectively.
“However, the recent visuals of rainwater gushing into shops at Polo View Market tell a different tale of the so-called smartness when it rains for a few hours. Even road stretches that were historically free from water logging are now becoming susceptible to it.”
The aftermath of overnight rainfall left nearly half a dozen shops at the refurbished Polo View Market submerged in muddy waters. Shopkeepers were seen frantically moving their valuable merchandise to safer locations, highlighting the severity of the situation.
“This is the first time water has seeped into the shops, and it has only reinforced our concerns about the effectiveness of the smart city project,” Sagar emphasized.
Calling for accountability, Sagar demanded a comprehensive audit of all the works executed under the Smart City initiative in Srinagar.
He urged the Government to hold responsible officers accountable for any lapses and investigate any potential misuse of public funds.
“The substantial misuse of public funds should be thoroughly scrutinized, and the facts must be brought to the public domain,” he demanded.