Russian, US academies of sciences to sign agreement on COVID-19 research cooperation

Moscow, July 30: The Russian Academy of Sciences announced that it would sign later on Thursday an agreement with the US National Academy of Sciences on cooperating on COVID-19 research, including mathematical models and computer simulations, and studies of the infection pathophysiology.

“We plan to develop new instruments for cooperation and dialogue between the academies on all the areas related to the coronavirus, its nature, and treatment and prevention measures,” the Russian Academy of Sciences said in a statement.

The academies are set to boost scientific cooperation on COVID-19 epidemiological, virological and molecular-biological research; studies of the pathophysiology of the new infection; mathematical and computer models simulating the spreading of the pandemic; socioeconomic and psychological consequences of the coronavirus; and ways to strengthen global security and counter the biological threat.

The agreement will be signed by Russian Academy of Sciences President Alexander Sergeev, US National Academy of Sciences President Marcia McNut, US National Academy of Medicine President Victor Dzau and US National Academy of Engineering President John Anderson, in the videoconference format.



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