Romney leads Obama in first national tracking poll

WASHINGTON, Apr 17: Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney leads President Barack Obama by two points in the first national daily tracking poll in run up to November presidential elections.
While Romney is supported by 47 per cent of national registered voters, Obama has backing 45 per cent in the inaugural Gallup Daily tracking results from April 11-15. However, this comes within the three per cent margin of error.
Notably, 65-year-old Romney is yet to be formally declared the Republican presidential nominee.
Gallup said this initial report is based on interviews with 2,265 registered voters, and highlights the potential closeness of this year’s race, with Romney and Obama essentially in a statistical tie.
Gallup’s previous general election trial heat, from a national poll conducted March 25-26, showed Obama with a slight 49 per cent to 45 per cent lead over Romney.
However, according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, Obama leads Romney by three per cent nationally, although the average doesn’t take into account the latest Gallup numbers. (PTI)


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