The Roles and Responsibilities of Agile Scrum

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The Agile Scrum roles and responsibilities are as follows,

Agile, Kanban, Waterfall, and scrum are the different project management frameworks. All these frameworks were created by the IT companies. Among the four frameworks, Scrum remains the most important one.

Scrum Objective

The main goal of the scrum is to keep the whole team on the same page all through the project. The scrum framework allows the cross-functional work of the team of 4 to 10 members to provide the regular details and information sharing liberty. Scrum is philosophical and it is a framework that can only be used as the guidance.

Scrum roles and responsibilities

The scrum remains an important framework for any project. The demand for scrum masters has been increasing like nothing. The Scrum framework is comprised of the following roles,

  • Stakeholders
  • Scrum Master
  • Scrum Team
  • Product Owner

The Scrum Master works as a facilitator rather than the authoritative person who is responsible for the project delivery. We can say that the scrum master is a motivator, problem solver and coach for the team. The prominent role of every Scrum Master should be to enhance the power of the team by committing them to the sprint goals without any interference from the management.

Scrum Master

  • Scrum masters are committed to goals and deadlines on behalf of the team
  • Scrum masters are not authoritative persons. They are reckoned as top-dog in all the companies
  • They should enforce scrum ceremonies and processes
  • They should remove all the hindrance or obstruction in the way of achieving any goal

Product Owner

  • they communicate with the stakeholders about progress and problems
  • The Product Owners are responsible for the return on investment (ROI) that is why they occupy an authoritative position in the firm.
  • They have the authority to alter the scope.
  • They convey the vision of the stakeholders that is why they are the voice of the stakeholders

Scrum Team

  • The Scrum Master is not responsible for keeping his team organized
  • The Scrum Team is responsible for all the activities that lead them towards their sprint goals
  • They have to work with the Scrum Master
  • They have to be agile in the office
  • They have to fulfill the commitment and deliver the agreed results on time


  • Keep taking updates or keep giving updates regarding any change in the plans
  • The Stakeholder has to keep a healthy relationship with the Product Owner
  • The Stakeholder has to provide regular input to queries from the Product Owner

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