Rohingyas must return, India can play a big role: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

NEW DELHI, Sep 4: In an interaction with ANI, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the Rohingya migrants are a “big burden” on Bangladesh, and they are reaching out to the international community to ensure they return to their homeland. She added that she feels India could play a big role in resolving the Rohingya crisis.
Responding to a question on the Rohingya crisis, the Bangladesh Prime Minister said, “Well you know… for us it’s a big burden. India is a vast country; you can accommodate but you don’t have much. But in our country… we have 1.1 million Rohingya. So well… we are consulting with the international community and also our neighbouring countries, they should also take some steps so that they can go back home.”
She added that the Bangladesh government has tried to take care of the displaced community keeping the humanitarian aspect in mind.
“This Rohingya, yes… on humanitarian ground we give them shelter and providing everything but during this COVID, we vaccinated all the Rohingya community. But how long they will stay here? So in the camp they are staying. Our environment hazard is there. Then some people engage in drug trafficking or some arms conflict, women trafficking. Day by day it is increasing.
So as quick as they return home it is good for our country and also for Myanmar. So we have been trying our best to pursue them, we’re discussing with them and also the international community, like ASEAN or UNO, then other countries. But now they should go back to their country. But India as a neighbour country, they can play a big role on it, I feel that,” PM Hasina added.