Road Safety

This has reference to the news item ‘3cops among 7 killed in accidents’ DE June 9.
There seems no let up in road accidents despite people expressing grave concern over the issue. The mounting toll of casualties should wake up the authorities, social scientists and the citizens to come forward and find a solution to this problem. People will be neglecting this issue on their own peril. The death of Union Minister  for Agriculture in a road accident has sparked a debate on road safety in the country. Rather, the Union Government is working on a new set of rules to make roads safe.
The half-hearted measures adopted by the State Government to check these fatal accidents have not yielded results.
The opinion of experts on road safety should be elicited and the same should be considered while framing new road rules. The fresh guidelines have become quite necessary in view of the horrible road accidents.
Yours etc….
Sunil Sharma


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