Road rage

Barbaric, savage, wild, inhuman and worst  incident of recent road rage in Turkman Gate area Central  Delhi when  some  five Car- driven persons brutally beat to death a motorcyclist, namely Shehnewaz, who was moving on it alongwith his two small children, as the bike had allegedly  touched (hit) the car. Although, one of the assailants, namely Wasim, has been arrested and others have fled, yet this all is not the substitute to the lost life for the  children who helplessly witnessed the barbaric end of their father in the bloody  and frenzy hands of four/five persons on being  turned  animals at the spur of moment.
We must realize that  nowadays there are huge traffic rush and jams on the roads every where and there is always possibility of any road accident any time despite best precautions. In such a situation, we all must be cool and patient on roads in such a situation and rather should be thankful if in any accident no loss to life is there. But unfortunately when despite so many narrow escapes our lives are safe, why we become barbaric, savage, wild and animal to take life of each other which is otherwise spared by the accident.
We must appreciate that in our society otherwise too ordinarily to save a precious life of any one who is suffering from any ailment, we   move  from pillar to post in all hospitals and even abroad. All nears and dears and other social organizations come to the rescue of each and every one by way of blood donations, contributions, man help or even organ donations irrespective of any religion, caste and creed to save human life. Not to talk of saving human life, nowadays we  being highly awakened and humanized are particular even to save the Life of animals (other creatures on earth) also. Message is that if we cannot save or give life to any one, we must  not finish it just by becoming animal anytime anywhere.
Yours etc….
Durga Dass Ghagwalia,
Rehari, Jammu


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