Rly Station Hotels & Lodges body seeks amendment in Master Plan

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, July 11: Railway Station Hotels and Lodges Association, Jammu has demanded that the by-laws in Master Plan 2032 be amended for operational Guest Houses in and around Jammu Railway station in Trikuta Nagar, which are already working for the last more than ten years.
In a statement, the Association President, Bhuvneshwar Gandotra said that there have been instances of regularization of Guest Houses/Hotels in the interest of tourism and the latest is of Punjab Government, where all the Guest Houses and Hotels around Golden Temple were regularized.
“On the contrary, we are covered under Master Plan 2021 and are functioning legally,” he said and added that even High Court of Delhi has held that there is no change in land use in a planned colony in case of operation of a Guest House even if not expressly mentioned in the Master Plan.
Pertinent to mention that Master Plan 2 debars the operation of Guest Houses in planned colonies.
Gandotra suggested that a clear and comprehensive policy be prepared in the Master Plan 2032 regarding the existing Guest Houses/Lodges/Hotels which arte functional in Jammu local area for the last more than ten years in and around Jammu railway Station.
He explained that hundreds of employees are working in these establishments and a clear cut policy shall save their employment besides much needed accommodation for tourists shall be available.
“We would like to add that throughout the country, Guest Houses/Lodges/Hotels are allowed to operate in and around respective Railway Station in the interest of tourism and heritage,” he added and sought invitation to present the Association’s view point before the committee to review Master Plan.