RJD Member throws paper in LS, forced to apologise

NEW DELHI, Dec 22:
In a low, RJD member Rajesh Ranjan today tore a newspaper and threw its pieces in the Lok Sabha, prompting a strong reprimand from Deputy Speaker M Thambidurai after which he apologised.
Ranjan indulged in the act when opposition parties were protesting over conversion and demanding a response from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The member tore a newspaper and threw bits all around, with some pieces falling on the podium.
In anger, Thambidurai adjourned the House for 10 minutes at around 3 PM.
When the House re-assembled, the Deputy Speaker made reference to this incident and said, “I strongly object to the manner in which the hon. Member Shri Rajesh Ranjan did it. He was throwing paper at me. If you are accepting this procedure, then, you have to take a decision.
“…I am very sorry for that. You have a right to express your anger. I have no objection to it. But you have thrown the paper at me. Why have you thrown it on me?”
Though Ranjan tried to deny it, Thambidurai said, “This is very bad. It is a very bad precedent you have created. That is not correct because you have to respect the Chair. You have thrown it at me. I am very sorry for that. That is not the way of behaving in this House. Throwing paper at me is not the correct way. I am asking you: Is it a democratic way? Are the members accepting it? Is throwing paper at the Chair correct? You did it. You have thrown the paper at me.”
Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge sought to pacify Thambidurai saying that the members did not have any intention to insult the Chair.
Ranjan too said he was sorry. “I did not throw paper on you. I am sorry,” he said.
Later in the evening, Ranjan again said, “I have not committed any mistake. But if I have hurt you, I tender my apology,” he said.
Earlier, Thambidurai told Ranjan that what he has done is “very bad” and “I take strong objection” to it.
“You cannot throw the paper at the Chair. You can raise your objection. That is different. You have thrown the paper at me. That is why I adjourned the House. That is not fair on the part of the hon. Member. Not giving Chair is not correct,” the Deputy Speaker said. (AGENCIES)


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