Riveting performances mark “Doosra Aadmi Doosri Aurat”

Lalit Gupta
JAMMU, Apr 17: “Doosra Aadmi Doosri Aurat”, the Hindi play staged by Ras Kala Manch, Safidon, Haryana, as second play of ongoing Theatre carnival,  at the Abhinav Theatre, here today, explored the psychological and emotional complexities of a couple engaged in extra marital relationship.
Written by Vibha Rani, and directed by Ravi Mohan Ras, the play’s plot revolves around one Shoma Das (played by Dr Madhudeep Singh), who migrates to Mumbai as an account officer in private company. She meets an office colleague Sambhav Singh (played by Ravi Mohan Ras) and both are attracted to each other. Dissatisfied with their respective lives, they seek emotional satisfaction and develop physical relationships. Both are married and have their own families. Still they continue their relationship finding it more interesting than their respective marriages. Gradually, Shoma realizes that she is “just-another-women” for Sambhav. This bothers her a lot and she becomes  hysterical. Sambhav also gets fed from her behaviour. In the end, Shoma takes a leave from office for a month and gets back to her own life, where there is no Sambhav. She owns her own responsibilities and her daughter and finds it satisfactory. She sees a friend in Sambhav, nothing much.
Today’s production was marked by riveting performances by the two actors; Ravi Mohan as the married man and Madhu Deep Singh. The duo despite play’s bold theme kept the audience engrossed with their realistic down-to-earth style.  The affective set design that not only created but also the ambiance of different locales: office space of the executives in the backstage while interiors of two flats with windows (empty frames) in the down stage.
Eminent theatre personality Balwant Thakur, the chief guest, congratulated Natraj Natya Kunj for organizing Theatre carnival which has given a fillip to the already charged theatre scene of the winter capital.
Tomorrow, Theatre for Theatre, Chandigarh, will stage Jaywant Dalwi’s acclaimed Hindi play Sandhya Chhaya.


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