ReT dismissals

The services of 23 Rehbar-e-Talim (ReT) teachers were terminated due to a lack of required qualification certificates from unrecognised boards. After ETT, another sort of fraud certificate-diploma nexus has been exposed. All 23 dismissed are from Jammu Division only, and it is a matter of serious concern. The dismissed list includes 15 Rajouri residents, including 12 from Rajouri’s Khawas Zone. Four from Doda District are also among the dismissed. These mass, unrecognised certificates clearly show the nexus of agents operating in the Jammu Division who are continuously duping victims with fake certificates of no practical value. To protect the interests of the area’s youth, the matter should be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators booked. The education department must be appreciated for their part in exposing this fraud and taking corrective action, but action must also be taken against the officials who recruited them in the first place without cross-verifying their certificates. These officials must also be identified to put a stop to this fraudulent network. The education department must also notify the GoI and the states where these employees received their certificates. This is not the first instance of such recruitments and promotions in the Education Department; time and again, these kinds of certificates are being used to get promotions as well, like degrees and diplomas from unrecognised distant education institutions. After investigations revealed that their distance mode post-graduation was not on par with universities in Jammu and Kashmir, the Education Department recently ordered the reversion of 72 in-charge lecturers to the masters/teachers’ grade. They had been elevated as in-charge lecturers and posted at various higher secondary schools in 2019 based on their master’s degrees in ecology and environment studies, which they had acquired through distance learning from various universities outside Jammu and Kashmir. All these point out one thing: the existing system needs thorough scrutiny, and youth must desist from getting such irrelevant degrees of no use.