Restoring Jasrota Fort

This refers to the editorial ‘Neglected Jasrota Fort’ (DE, Nov25, 2018).There is no doubt that that our state is blessed with rich natural resources and unparalleled beauty.Besides, many valiant and wise kings, who were fond of architecture and fine workmanship built various forts, palaces and temples and passed on this rich heritage to us.Thus, we have been lucky that our great kings have bequeathed us a rich heritage in the form of beautiful palaces and exquisite forts.Now what is required is that we should take due care of these priceless monuments which speak a lot about the masonary and workmanship of the times during which they were constructed.These monuments have borne the brunt of aggressors and looters , withstood the vagaries of weather and stood as witness to the great upheavels that changed the geographical, political and social structure of this planet.Thus, such monuments silently tell the saga of the great geographical and political events.In this way, they are priceless treasures and need to be saved.
But sad as it is that many such forts such as the fort of Jasrota, Fort of Jaganoo, Fort of Ramkot and many other monuments of historical and archaelogical importance are lying in a neglected and dilapidated state and crying for attention and renovation to restore them to their pristine beauty.If no efforts are taken in near future, these forts may crumble and become a thing of the past.Fort of Jasrota is one such example which needs renovation and attention for restoration, preservation and conservation. Modern conservational techniques need to be applied to restore the glory and aura of this magnificent fort which is believed to be built in the 12th or thirteenth century.There is need to organise programmes such as light and sound shows, live concerts and meetings of the concerned Departments on important days on this site to create awareness among the people for the need to conserve and preserve these historical monuments and give wide publicity to the glory and grandeur of these monuments.
Ashok Sharma,
Housing Colony, Udhampur.


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