Restoration works of gasping UT water bodies

It will be no exaggeration of any sort in admitting that the condition of most of the water bodies in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir having turned into such a condition that it should cause due concern especially when the intervention of nature or natural phenomenon can be seen barest minimum as against the magnitude and the extent of human intervention in and violation of these natural boons. Let us admit that most of the water bodies are dying slowly and therefore, require revival and restoration process of result oriented objectives.
Water bodies like once famous and full of water and water fowls , fish and abode to many species of birds – Khshal Sar and a small “Sar” or lake known as Gilsar – and that too, in the heart of the city of Srinagar, are shocking examples of human neglect and transgression. Once both these lakes were the natural pride of the city but fast urbanisation and pressure on whatever land available, illegal constructions, encroachments, filling up or ”killing” of Mar canal in 1970 for constructing a circular road in the city resulted in a near total death of these lakes leading to large shrinkage and emitting of foul smell due to dumping of garbage and nature course of inflow of water getting choked. However, certain measures of revival and rejuvenating having of late been taken by the people themselves helped by concerned authorities as also coupled with technological intervention have started giving encouraging dividends.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi , therefore, through the mode of monthly “Man Ki Baat” has shared with the countrymen such an initiative taken by the people to achieve a noble objective of great import. We can, therefore, proudly call such people who actively help in the mission and volunteer themselves for reviving such water bodies as “Water Warriors”. However, the contribution by each one associated with the “Mission Jal Thal” like Nageen Lake Conservation Organisation, JK Lake Conservation and Management Authority, Irrigation and Flood Control Department and Srinagar Municipal Corporation need to be duly noted . Such valuable information obviously shared by the PM can motivate people across the country to redeem water bodies from dying conditions .