Residents of Thathri discuss demands

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Aug 25: Eleven Panchayat Halqas of tehsil Thathri, have highlighted the genuine grievances of the minority community dominated 11 Panchayat for justice to the poor public who are deliberately ignored.
Behari Lal Bhagat, Panch Halqa Panchayat Chagsoo in a statement said the public have been demanding creation of new teshil/CD block with HQ at some Central place falling in between Sunarthawa and Thathri and have proposed places as its centre Bhella, Pathan or Kandote (Parnote).
The effected residents have time and again requested authorities that HQ of tehsil Chiralla be shifted to some Central located place i.e. Bhella, Panthana or Parnote instead of Sewa of tehsil Figsoo which is only at a distance of 5 to 6 Kms from Thathri, be shifted to one of the Central located place.
The eleven halqa Panchayat of teshil Thathri are Kandote, Sharote, Panthan, Bhella, Chagsoo, Panshie, Thallela, Ponaja, Rukali, Bhallara and others.


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