Residents of Gujjarpati Preng seek relief after cloudburst

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, Aug 9: The aftermath of a devastating cloudburst in the Gujjarpati Preng area of district Ganderbal has left residents seeking urgent attention and relief as they grapple with the miseries.
Alleging negligence on the part of administration, the affected residents have highlighted the lack of support following the initial compensation.
The cloudburst, which wreaked havoc on the area on July 29, has led to extensive damage to homes, orchards, a mosque and even a school.
Although an initial relief package of Rs 10,000 and blankets were provided to the affected individuals, they lament the absence of any further assessment or aid.
Local resident Abdul Rashid expressed the community’s frustration, stating, “We were initially given Rs 10,000 each with a few blankets, after that we have not seen anyone to assess the damages.”
He went on to share that the residents themselves had to pool resources to clear debris as no assistance was forthcoming from the authorities.
He pointed out that the lack of intervention was unjust, especially considering the urgent need for repairs to critical structures such as a damaged bund and wall.
The cloudburst’s impact also extended to education, with a local middle school suffering substantial damage. Students have been forced into makeshift tents for classes, prompting calls for immediate rebuilding.
Amreena Akthar, a student at Govt Middle School, Preng, highlighted the dire situation, saying, “The school has been damaged and we are studying in a tent. We are facing difficulties. I urge the LG to take note of the matter. It has to be rebuilt entirely.”
Iqra, another student, underscored the challenges faced by students, noting the absence of toilets, drinking water facilities, and a structurally sound building.