Reservation for women in Police Force

It is heartening to note that the UT Government of Jammu and Kashmir has decided to provide reservation to women up to 15 percent in Jammu and Kashmir Police Department. Although states and UTs are required to provide up to 33 percent reservation to women in Police Force, yet a good beginning has started by providing 15 per cent although the national level figures are an average of just 12 percent only. The ”achievements” on this count in the UT were otherwise a paltry 3 percent since the issue was probably never thought to be seriously addressed.
Since women are second to none, in showing better results in performance in every field of activity , induction of more of them would necessarily lead to their empowerment, removing to some extent gender inequalities and importantly fulfil the mandatory requirement of each police station having at least a ”desk ” manned by a female police personnel to provide all assistance and help to women approaching for police help. This decision having been taken for non-gazetted cadre, we hope this level of up to 15 percent would gradually be increased to meet the required requisite levels of 33 percent. However, well begun is half done and, therefore, the decision is commendable .