Release salary

We may bring into the notice of the new coalition BJP/PDP Govt,  that the employees appointed in different departments under new pension scheme (NPS) in an after the year 2010 are without salary after the month of September 2014 although funds for payment of salary are available with the DDOs. Whenever we approached the authorities for payment of salary we were told that the grant under the Account Head 2071 has not been released by the Govt so far and unless it is made available the salary cannot be drawn and disbursed to the employees appointed under new NPS. This is the position in Education and Rural Development Departments (RDD) so far as we know being the employees of these departmnent appointed under NPS and the same kind of situation may be prevailing in other departments too. Because of non-payment of salary for such a long time we and our family members are unduly being made to suffer acute financial hardships especially when the prices of all essentialities of life are soaring sky high day by day.
We, therefore, request the new coalition Govt to prevail upon concerned authorities  to release matching grant under Account Head 2071 to all the DDOs on priority to enable them to draw and pay the  salary to us so that we and our family members are saved from undue financial hardships.
Yours etc….
Ripu Daman(RDD)
Kapil Sharma (RDD)
Gurmeet Singh, Goldy  Walia  (Education Deptt)


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