Rehabilitation Policy for Militants

Refer to the news regarding new rehabilitation policy for militants published in this paper on December 8,2018 wherein it has been reported that the state government is going to formulate a new policy for the rehabilitation of militants. In this context, I would like to express my own views and opinions on the subject. It is well known to all that militancy is not any socio-economic or political problem, rather,it is a socio relegious problem directly backed by our neighbour Pakistan and,as such, can’t be solved simple means of a economic package.
It is suggested that the concerned social and religious leaders should be involved in the process of rehabilitation of militants. The detracted youth should be educated and imparted professional training and advised to indulge in socially useful activities. But they should not be lured by cheap financial packages which serves as a tool for the promotion of militancy. Besides, those involved in serious crime like murders,rapes etc should be punished under the law of the country. To be short, there should be just and logical basis behind the proposed rehabilitation policy so that it could serve the purpose for which it is being framed.
Besides,it is the fundamental duty of every citizen and journalist to offer their sincere advice in the best interest of the Kashmir and Kashmiri people. In this context, a state wide debate is desired.
O P Sharma
Bagnoti Nowshera


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