Rehabilitation of Militants

Please refer to the news- “Amid PDP-BJP differences Rehab Policy for militants blocked” published on March 21, 2018. In this context I would like to comment upon the topic in the best interest of our society.
In general, there are two theories governing crime control- one is the Reformative theory and another is the Deterrent theory. The former calls for taking measures such as education and training which brings about positive changes in the minds of people involved in militancy. And the deterrent theory calls for punitive methods which may deter others from joining militancy. But the present/proposed policy seems to be based upon some theory of crime ( militancy) promotion which can never be accepted. It looks as if our Government was going to promote militancy as an industry. Instead of punishing the criminals under law of the land, our Government is going to offer attractive packages to those engaged in war against our society. By offering sound prices for weapons, the policy seems to establish an attractive market for weapons in our state. In this way, this policy looks in favour of marketing of weapon and promotion of militancy and the same is not acceptable to all right thinking people of our country.
However, we should be thankful to and appreciate the right role played by the ministers belonging to BJP by giving a ‘Big No’ to the proposed policy. It seems to be first right and bold step taken by BJP ever since the formation of
Coalition Government in the state and we must hope that this party will follow and continue its own ideology based policy in future. The principles of reformative theory of crime should be adopted to contain militancy so as to bring about sustainable change in the society.
Yours etc…..
O P Sharma
Bagnoti Nowshera


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