‘Red diary’ latest product of Cong’s ‘loot ki dukan’: Modi

Minister Narendra Modi at the laying foundation stone of various development projects at Sikar, in Rajasthan on Thursday. (UNI)

SIKAR (Raj), July 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday hit out at the Rajasthan Government, invoking sacked minister Rajendra Gudha’s “red diary” and said the “dark deeds” recorded in it will lead to the Congress defeat in the Assembly elections.
Addressing a public rally in Sikar, he also gave his own take on the Quit India slogan. “Mahatma Gandhi gave the slogan British Quit India and the British had to leave. Today’s slogan is Corruption Quit India, Nepotism Quit India and Appeasement Quit India.”
The “red diary” is a fresh product of the Congress’ “loot ki dukan”. It is said that the “dark deeds” of the Congress are recorded in the diary, which will defeat the party in elections in the state, Modi said.
It was the seventh visit of the Prime Minister to poll-bound Rajasthan in the last six months.
Modi accused the Congress Government in Rajasthan of looting people and also targeted it over various recruitment paper leaks in the state.
“In the name of running the Government in Rajasthan, Congress has set up a ‘loot ki dukan’ in a ‘jhooth ka bazar’ (market of lies). The latest product of this ‘loot ki dukan’ is Rajasthan’s red diary,” Modi said.
“It is said that the dark deeds of the Congress Government are recorded in this red diary. People are saying that if the pages of the red diary are opened, then several big-wigs will be settled,” he said.
“These people might remain tight-lipped, but this red diary will lead to Congress’ defeat in this assembly election,” he added.
The red diary was recently produced by Gudha in the state assembly. He claimed it contained the details of the alleged irregular financial transactions of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.
Hitting back, Gehlot said the real loot is done by the Prime Minister by selling a ‘red cylinder’ (LPG cylinder) for Rs 1,150.
He said the red diary was imaginary and does not exist yet the issue is being politicised. The Congress leader said the people of Rajasthan will show a ‘red flag’ to the BJP in the time to come.
Reaching out to the youngsters of the state, Modi said a paper leak industry is running in Rajasthan and the Congress Government will have to be removed to fulfil the dreams of the youth.
There is only one slogan this time — ‘Nahi Sahega Rajasthan’. Rajasthan will not tolerate atrocities on sisters and daughters, he said, adding that the “lotus will bloom” in the state.
Lotus is the election symbol of the BJP.
Pointing to the large number of people present at the rally, Modi said it was an indication of people’s support for the BJP and its victory in the upcoming polls.
“I have a guarantee…The fortunes of Rajasthan will change and lotus will bloom,” he said.
He called the Congress the biggest directionless party in the country, saying, “Their method is the same which has always been adopted by the enemies of the country.”
Taking a dig at the party, he said the slogan ‘Indira is India and India is Indira’ during the era of former prime minister Indira Gandhi has now changed to ‘UPA is India and India is UPA’.
Modi once again derided the opposition alliance INDIA and cited names such as East India Company and the banned Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) to assert that people cannot be misled merely by the use of the country’s name.
“India was there in the name of East India Company but its intention was to loot India. India was also there in the name of terror organisation SIMI which changed its name after a ban to PFI and the intention of the organisation was to damage India through terror attacks,” Modi said.
“Congress and its allies have started a new trick, this trick is to change the name. In earlier times, when a generation or a company used to get defamed, it immediately put up a new board and tried to run its business by confusing people. Congress is also doing the same,” Modi said.
He said, “To make sure the UPA’s misdeeds are not remembered, its (name) has been changed to INDIA”.
The prime minister said if the opposition leaders cared about India, why would they talk to foreigners about interfering in the country.
“If they cared about India, would they have raised questions on surgical strike and air strike? If they cared about India, would they have doubted the bravery of army personnel in Galvan? These are the same faces who used to cry in front of the world when there were terrorist attacks and did nothing,” Modi said. (PTI)
Modi said for good roads and highways in Rajasthan, the BJP government is continuously sending money.
“When the Congress government was at the Centre for 10 years, only Rs 1 lakh crore was given as tax share in Rajasthan whereas in the last nine years, the BJP government has given more than Rs 4 lakh crore,” he said.
He said that water connections have reached more than nine crore new households across the country. In many states, 100 per cent tap water supply has been completed, but the Congress government wants to keep the people of Rajasthan yearning for water as well and Rajasthan is lagging far behind in Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme.
Earlier, Modi dedicated 1.25 lakh PM Kisan Samriddhi Kendras to the nation and described them as one-stop centres for farmers that would pave the way for their prosperity.
He said the Centre has taken decisions in the interest of farmers for nine years and created arrangements from seed to market for them.
India, he said, could only develop when its villages do and his government was working to provide in villages every facility that is available in cities.
“Our Government will not allow farmers to suffer due to the price of urea,” Modi said.
Farmers in India, he elaborated, get a sack of urea for Rs 266. This is available in Pakistan for about Rs 800, Rs 720 in Bangladesh and Rs 2,100 in China.
Gehlot was supposed to attend the programme but could not due to a problem with his feet, he said in an apparent reference to the injury sustained by the chief minister.
“He has been ill for a few days. I pray for his good health,” the Prime Minister said about the Congress leader. (PTI)