Reasi embezzlement case

A sensational embezzlement case against a junior Government functionary in the Municipal Committee, Reasi has come to light. The amount involved in embezzlement is to the tune of 21 lakh rupees. The story of embezzlement reveals the dare devilry of a senior assistant who has been pocketing the money instead of depositing it in the treasury under rules. Authorities stumbled on the case just by chance. The Deputy Commissioner of Reasi had ordered assessment of funds available with the Municipal Committee to take up some urgent developmental projects. This led to the exposure of the embezzlement case.
The Deputy Commissioner has done the right thing to constitute a three-member committee to enquire into the case and report within stipulated time. Usually we find that the trend is to highlight the corruption and bribery cases of officers on higher levels whereas functionaries at lower levels just go scot-free. The case in hand shows that even a functionary at lower level can manage a big embezzlement. Why did not the authorities in the Municipal Committee take note of income and receipts   and accounts of the Committee into consideration from time to time as per routine and why did they leave the entire matter to a senior assistant’s care?  It is necessary for the enquiry committee to establish whether the alleged functionary is the only person involved in embezzlement or that it is a network in which other functionaries at higher or lower level are involved. We hope that the Committee will submit its fair and impartial report to the Deputy Commissioner and proper action will be taken on the findings. If the case of embezzlement is established, the law should take its natural course. Corruption is to be fought against at all levels. While we would want to know why immediate officials in the Municipal Committee Reasi overlooked the matter for a long time, we appreciate the action taken by the Deputy Commissioner in the matter.


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