Real representatives

Our State is passing through the turbulent times of corruption, favourtism and nepotism and the inflation has touched its peak level that has weakened the roots of the democratic fabric of the secular state accompanied with the recent Nature’s fury of floods that has created havoc to the State’s economy and also  devoured so many precious lives. The swelling number of unemployed youth who have taken to drugs due to job frustration and their future seems to be bleak, after obtaining good academic and professional degrees seem to be roaming in murky waters of despendency and dejection.
Now it is duty of modern youth, the future weilders of power to give up slumber to caste their precious votes after deeply probing the antecedents of the candidates whom they are going to vesh power through democratic procedure so that they can create job opportunities of youth and  lift their pall of gloom and bring cheer to their faces.
The real  representatives must be persons of integrity, austerity, honesty and above all selfless workers, who thinks not of their own prosperity, but the prosperity of the poor, downtrodden and neglected sections of  the society especially the youth to lift the State from the crisis of corruption and deep mire of poverty. The new generation of youth is conscious enough to differentiate between real and fake representatives.
Let wisdom prevail upon people to choose the real representatives, who lift  people from the quagmire of poverty towards progress and prosperity in the forthcoming elections.
Yours etc…..
K L Dhar


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