Rambagh flyover defies timeline

Jehangir Chowk – Rambagh flyover project was started in 2013. It has jumped several date lines and the more recent one of 17th August 2017 has also been missed. This is one of so many missed date lines. The new date line suggested for Phase I of the project is June 2019. The interesting question is whether that date line will be maintained or not. Five years for a flyover project is unbelievable. There are no two opinions that the route over which this prestigious flyover in the city of Srinagar has been made was necessitated by great crowding of vehicles and pedestrians on that route. There was little possibility of widening the road because residential houses stood just on the roadside and to demolish them all would have been a very expensive exercise. It is a very strategic and crucial link within the city of Srinagar and leads to the Srinagar International airport and dozens of prestigious housing colonies, offices and institutions.


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