Rajouri girl crowned as Mrs Bharat New York

Monika Sharma after crowned as Mrs Bharat New York.
Monika Sharma after crowned as Mrs Bharat New York.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Apr 7: Monika Sharma, a girl from Rajouri Town has been crowned Mrs Bharat New York.
Monika’s journey from Rajouri to New York is truly inspiring and showcases immense strength and resilience.
Monika Sharma a resident of Tandwal area of Rajouri, after losing her mother at a young age and being raised by a single parent was incredibly difficult, but her determination and perseverance helped her navigate through those tough times.
Being the eldest sister to four siblings, she took on the responsibility with grace and became a pillar of strength for her family.
The abusive marriage she endured was undoubtedly a harrowing experience, and it takes immense courage to break free from such a situation.
Her decision to leave and rebuild her life speaks volumes about her inner strength and resilience.
Resuming her studies while working as a teacher shows her commitment to self-improvement and dedication to achieving the desired goals. Transitioning from teaching to becoming an investment banker on Wall Street is a remarkable achievement, highlighting her adaptability and ambition.
Finding love again and remarrying a caring partner brought much-needed happiness and stability into her life. Her journey from a teacher to an investment banker to a loving wife and mother demonstrates her multifaceted talents and ability to thrive in various roles.
Winning Mrs. Bharat New York 2024 is a testament to her confidence, grace, and charisma.
Her aspirations to participate in Mrs Universe USA 2024 reflect her desire to continue challenging herself, aiming for, and reaching new heights.