Rajan to return to India tomorrow

BALI/NEW DELHI: Underworld don Chhota Rajan is expected to return to India early tomorrow, 27 years after he had fled the country in the face of numerous cases of murder, extortion and drug smuggling against him.

His deportation was deferred as the international airport in Bali was shut down due to spewing of volcanic ash from a nearby mountain.

After the authorities here declared the airport open, the Indian team comprising CBI, Delhi and Mumbai police officials began the process of deportation of 55-year-old Rajan, who had fled India in 1988 for Dubai.

Sources privy to the developments said the underworld don, who was arrested on October 25 after the Australian police tipped off the Bali police about his presence in the Island, was to undergo mandatory health check up before he would emplane a special aircraft for Delhi.

Rajan is to land in Delhi around 5 AM, the sources said. (AGENCIES)


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