Railway unions threaten to stop all trains from May 1 if old pension scheme not implemented

NEW DELHI, Feb 29: Several unions of railway employees and workers, who have come together under the Joint Forum For Restoration of Old Pension Scheme (JFROPS), have threatened to stop all train services across the country from May 1 if their demand to implement the Old Pension Scheme is not met.

“The government is completely non-committal to our demand for the restoration of ‘Defined Guarantied Old Pension Scheme’ in place of ‘New Pension Scheme’. Now, there is no alternative left but to resort to direct action,” Shiv Gopal Mishra, Convener of JFROPS, said.

Mishra, who is also General Secretary of All India Railwaymen’s Federation, added, “Representatives of various federations under JFROPS have jointly consented that we will officially serve a notice to the Railway Ministry on March 19, informing them about the proposed countrywide strike and disruption of all train services from May 1, 2024 i.E. On International Labour Day.” According to Mishra, several unions of other government employees, who are also part of JFROPS, will also go on strike along with railway workers.

A press note issued by JFROPS said, “All the constituent organisations are therefore requested to take appropriate action and to make all sorts of preparations for serving upon the strike notice to their respective Administrations in a befitting manner.”


Mishra said that while the OPS was in the interest of workers, the New Pension Scheme doesn’t take care of their employees’ welfare. (PTI)