Rahul takes dig at Modi’s Kashmir policy

In a scathing attack on the Narendra Modi Government’s Jammu and Kashmir policy, Rahul Gandhi today alleged that it has created a space in the troubled State for Pakistan to ‘misbehave’.
His tirade at a Congress rally here comes a day after Modi, in his Independence Day address, reached out to Kashmiris, saying abuses and bullets would not resolve their problems but embracing them would.
“He (Modi) has created an environment in Jammu and Kashmir of hatred and anger, and the only people who benefit from violence and hatred are the Pakistanis,” Gandhi said.
Claiming that he had worked on the J-K issue with Manmohan Singh, who was the Prime Minister, and leaders like P Chidambaram and Jairam Ramesh ‘silently’ without any “drama or tamasha”, he said their effort of 10 years had been “destroyed by Modi in one month”.
“I’m telling you this because Narendra Modi’s policy has created a space in Jammu and Kashmir for Pakistanis to misbehave,” the Congress vice president added.
Gandhi was here to inaugurate Indira Canteen, the Karnataka Government’s subsidised food outlets that will provide breakfast at Rs 5 and lunch and dinner at Rs 10 per plate.
He said during the UPA rule at the Centre, the Government had done enough to build peace in J&K.
When (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee came to power, the State was burning, but “we worked for 10 years to bring peace to Kashmir. We held panchayati elections…, we created jobs…,” he said.
Criticising the Modi Government on the foreign policy front, Gandhi accused it of alienating friendly countries, including Nepal and Russia.
“When we were in Government, all the neighbouring countries other than Pakistan and China, were favourable to us. One by one Narendra Modiji has alienated them. For the first time in history, Russia is selling weapons to Pakistan,” he said.
“He has alienated every single neighbouring country including Nepal. He has allowed China to enter India and alienated Russia. That is the reality of what is going on today,” Gandhi said.
On the Doklam standoff with China, Gandhi said Bhutan has been a good friend of India which has given a commitment to the Himalayan nation to protect its people.
“Bhutan is a very good friend of India. Bhutan has stood for India from the days we got our Independence. India has signed a treaty with Bhutan. We have promised that we will protect Bhutan. This is the commitment of the people of India to people of Bhutan,” he said.
Flaying the Independence Day address of Modi, he said the Prime Minister was silent on his promise of creating two crore jobs for young people every year.
Gandhi also hit out at Modi over the Gorakhpur incident where over 70 children have died at the BRD Medical College since August 7.
“The Prime Minister did not tell you that more than 90 new born babies died in Gorakhpur (in Uttar Pradesh) because of negligence by the Health Department. He did not tell you that a delay in approving the health budget prevented purchase of oxygen cylinders,” he said.
Gandhi alleged Modi wanted an India where the poor were left to die in Government hospitals.
He claimed the Prime Minister was running out of ideas and hence, his Independence Day speeches were becoming shorter every year.
“Last year, he gave the longest speech. This year (he gave a speech for) 45 minutes. Next year, (it will be) 15 minutes. In the coming years, it will reduce to five minutes because he is running out of what things to say,” he added. (PTI)


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