Qualification career choice selection

Arjun Singh Rathore
This may not be the answer you are looking for but the more secure profession is the one you are more passionate about. When you are into what you do, you will excel at it and that is the best job security you can have. Well, the purpose of choosing Medicine or Engineering or Management professional or even a Scholar as a career is pretty subjective. Every person who choses any of these particular fields have their own reasons.
Some do it because they love it, some do it because their parents love it and some do it with the hope of making a good career out of it, to earn both money and respect.
Medicine and Engineering are indeed long and you may take 10 to 12 years to become a successful doctor or engineer (technocrat). Fact is that any profession you have to do for the rest of your life will surely take time, be it business or any other field. But here we prefer the shortcuts and opt for any profession which is not demanding that much time.
Most employees in industrialized countries today choose and change careers and occupations other than their professional qualifications, at least once in their working lives. Understanding the determinants and the consequences of career change is therefore critical for individuals, organizations, and policy makers. However, one of the inherent difficulties in empirical analyses of career and occupational change is that a career move can be observed among workforce members who have changed careers but not among those who have not. Thus, when comparing career changers and non-changers, we are not able to know whether the non-changers would ever have considered changing to the careers that the changers chose to enter. Changing or Choosing a career to other than the professional qualification may seem to be more undemanding and attractive than staying in the original professional occupation.
Choosing a career just to live up to the parents expectation is the most common decision taken by students at an early stage, which they tend to regret later. Most of the students from business families are by default expected to choose commerce and hence B.Com or BBA as their suited career course. Some who resist submit to the parental pressure leading to an unsuccessful career graph. Such influences under the garb of adhering to their guardians wish are considered unfruitful for the students in long run.
Peer Persuasion is the easiest way of getting away from taking self-decision. Most of the students want to follow the crowd to get to their destination. ‘Follow your friends’ is the most trending exercise visible during the selection of a career. Majority choice is considered the best choice. This mind-set has increased the count in the mediocre group where students fail to succeed in their career and just keep on it with an average performance.
Past Performance is in fact the most unjustified and distorted basis of analysing one’s performance and interest area. In India, we are not only churned in an old education system of rote learning but we believe in the numbers to prove our calibre. This practice of determining one’s interest field based on one time exam performance has often led to a wrong career decision.
Potential of a student can be legitimate criterion for choosing a career. Very few are able to identify their potential and choose their subject of knowledge based on it. A career selected on the basis of

one’s potential has greater prospect of assuring success.
We wish to choose a profession that can provide for our bread and butter. Placement opportunities in a particular university are thus considered most important factor for the students when they harp about their career choice. Good placement options are an important motivation driver for students in their Career Planning. This is the reason we see more and more doctors, engineers and even scholars joining banking and corporate sectors.
Most of the people choose their interest field on the basis of their personality and character. It can be the other way around also, when a career chooses them based on their personality. Here personality includes not only the outward presentation of a student but the perception he/she holds about society. A good communicator, who has good command on his/her language skills, is more inclined towards a mass communication stream. Similarly, a good leader who has the capacity to influence masses chooses a management field. Personality traits always help in deciding a good career, for it is easy to hone the skills we already acquire.
Affordability (Paisa), is the basic and the most essential criterion for most of them who set out to make their career. Affordability or Paisa in lay man’s language determines the purchasing power of individuals who dares to dream. In India, when Right to Education aims to ensure education for all, it fails to distribute the standard quality of education. One, who can afford it, can only receive the ace quality training, knowledge and plum opportunities. Most of the students neglect their interest and choose a career that fits their pocket well.
Regardless of where you’re, whether you’re a senior manager or an entry-level employee on the front lines, you can continue to grow and advance your career and professional goals, but prefer to choose your professional education as per your professional interest.
A MBBS graduate from AIIMS can be an effectual IPS officer, An IIT/IIM can be an efficient IAS and A science scholar from JNU can be a good banker, but always do justice with your academics, don’t eat into a good professional. Civil Services, Banking & Finance, Corporate world, Art & Film industry all are very lucrative professions but with a different professional background we deprive someone from a determinative professional excellence. Similarly teaching is the most poised profession and India needs the scholars and scientists to be more focused on their research work.
Almost all the noble things that have been achieved in this world, have been achieved by professionals, scholars, artisans and artists, philosophers, poets and men and women of genius by placing themselves at right place at right time.