PWD must rectify roads, rotaries: Raman Suri

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Sept 13: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) State Executive Member, Raman Suri today said that Public Works Department (PWD) must rectify all roads and rotaries for safe driving. There are several blind curves in the city and all roads are not properly marked that put lives of drivers at risk. People, he said are also not able to follow traffic rules in such conditions where roads are not properly designed or marked.
He said that rotaries like the one opposite to Police Headquarters on Jammu University lane blinds people and similarly, the one at Indira Chowk also causes complete blockade of front view which is dangerous for commuters as well as drivers. Roads near Bus Stand and at Rehari pose severe threat to lives which should also be set right. Similarly over grown trees and ornamentals planted on curbs or dividers should be pruned to give drivers a clear site.
Raman Suri also urged people in general that they should themselves volunteer and follow all traffic rules for the safety of their lives. He said that increased fine for traffic violations are nothing but a move to make people responsible about their own safety and anyone condemning or criticising it should understand that saving human lives has always remained the foremost priority of any Government.
He said that normally people have a habit of non-compliance of traffic rules, which is a very sad case. Many people, including youngsters, drive in very irresponsible ways. So, increasing traffic fines is a right step for their safety. It will make them follow all the rules for the fear of fine. Only the ones who do not follow the rules need to mend their ways, and nothing will be changed for anyone else.
These fines have been imposed with the passage of Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019. But irony here is that everyone is just emphasizing on the fines & penalties, and not on other much important and much beneficial provisions of the Act like the Centre providing cashless treatment of road accident victims during Golden Hour, which is the time period of up to one hour following a traumatic injury, during which the likelihood of preventing death through prompt medical care is the highest.


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