Public patience should not be taken for granted: Bhalla

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Oct 15: Congress today held massive protest demonstration at Karan Bagh Chowk, Chatha Morh in which people from Gadigarh, Rohimorh, Bhour Camp and adjoining areas participated in large number.
The protesting people also burnt the effigy of BJP for its surrender for the sake of power, resulting into innumerable sufferings on account of providing adequate supply of drinking water, power, repairing of roads, construction of lanes and drains and most importantly in controlling inflation making the life of common man miserable and making it difficult for them to lead a dignified life due to soaring prices of all the essential commodities.
The protest was organized by Sarpanch Bhour Camp and Congress Block president Amrit Bali and was led by former minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla. Carrying placards and raising slogans against Coalition Government and particularly BJP, the protesters torched effigy of BJP by decorating it with bangles to express resentment over cheating by BJP with sentiments and aspirations of people of Jammu.
Addressing the gathering, Bhalla said that BJP which claims to be the champion of Jammu people has betrayed the mandate of the people by taking U-turn on all vital commitments made with the people of the State, especially Jammu region during elections. “The Government is not performing according to the Agenda of Alliance. The farmers, business community, traders, students are totally fed up with this non-performing Government, which has failed on all fronts whether it is providing basic facilities to the people or paying timely wages to the daily wagers working in various departments of the State or checking price hike of essential commodities,” he said.
The Centre and State Government have failed to fulfill the commitment for safe shelter to them in the shape of plots and bunkers. The displaced people and refugees of 1947, 65, 71 have been neglected, the farmers are facing great hardships, the unemployed youth and other daily wagers, casual workers besides employees and pensioners are agitating on roads for their genuine demands, the Kashmiri migrants are facing hardships on various accounts including ration, the SC and tribal people are agitating for their rights.
Referring to the failures of the present dispensation, Bhalla asked the Government to spell out what they have done in the past two and half years. He said same is the condition of civic amenities and various other utility services while development has taken reverse moment.


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