PSLV’s new variant PSLV-DL to launch Kalamsat, Microsat-R on Jan 24

CHENNAI:  In its first mission of the new year, India’s  Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), in its 46th flight, will launch  the Kalamsat and Microsat-R from the First Launch Pad of Satish  Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota on January 24.

PSLV with two strap-on configuration has been identified for this  mission and the configuration was designated as PSLV-DL.

PSLV-C44 is the first mission of PSLV-DL and is a new variant of  PSLV, ISRO sources said on Thursday.

PSLV is a four stage launch vehicle with alternating solid and  liquid stages.

In PSLV-C44, the fourth stage (PS4) of the vehicle will be moved  to higher circular orbit so as to establish an orbital platform for  carrying out experiments.

Kalamsat, a student payload will be the first to use PS4 as orbital  platform.

The 44.4 m tall PSLV-C44 will also carry Microsat-R, an imaging  satellite.

About 830 seconds after the lift off, the satellites would be injected  into the orbit.

While Kalamsat would be placed in a 450 km orbit with an inclination  of 98.767 Deg, Microsat-R would be placed in a 274.12 km orbit with  an inclination of 96.567 deg. (AGENCIES)


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