Protests in GB Pant hospital

Protests broke out in the G B Pant Children Hospital here in Sonwar area of Srinagar today as the authorities started charging for the routine investigations being carried out in the hospital for the patients.
The directive to charge the attendants for medical examination was greeted with resentment by the attendants and they raised hue and cry over this directive. The attendants raised slogans against the administration and demanded immediate roll back of the order.
Some of the attendants while sharing their views with Excelsior said that the order is totally uncalled for. They said the patients admitted in the Government hospitals are entitled to free investigations and routine tests. They said this directive is equivalent to grabbing their basic right that is right to life.
“My child is admitted here for the last 15 days. Up to today were not charged a single penny by the hospital authorities for various investigations, but today they changed the rules. I was asked to pay Rs 25 for a routine test like blood grouping. Charges have also been levied on all the other routine tests and investigations,” said Fayaz Ahmad, an attendant.
As the attendants were asked to pay for the investigations by the authorities they were surprised as most of the patients are admitted there for past several days.
The attendants of the patients assembled in the hospital compound and lodged protests. They said since G. B Pant hospital is the lone hospital for the children in the Valley, the Government should immediately roll back the order.
“Children from different areas are admitted and as most of the attendants are poor the order to impose charges on tests is bound to create hardships for them. As such the hospital authorities more so the Government should cancel this order and give relief to the people,” said the attendants.
There are reports that other hospitals have also started charging for various investigations of the patients that has led to resentment from the common people.
Meanwhile, Police today found unknown newborn baby near SMHS hospital here and shifted the baby to G B Pant Children Hospital.
A police spokesman said that one newborn male baby was found near the Blood Bank, SMHS hospital Srinagar. He said the baby was shifted to G. B Pant hospital for safe care and treatment.


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