Promotion of Tourist Spots

It is sad that poor road connectivity, insufficient infrastructure and lacklustre approach of the concerned authorities are keeping the scenic and unique places of Gool out the tourist’ itinerary. (DE, June11, 2018).There is no doubt that Ghora Gali, located about 2 Kms from Gool and a protected monument having sculpures of over 200 horsemen in various sizes and conditions. Believed to have been carved by mythical Pandavas of Mahabharata period, these sculpures are in different conditions.Some of them are standing; some,broken, some lying flat on the ground and some may be buried under the earth.All this tells a sordid tale of apathy of the concerned authorities to these sculptures having archaelogical importance. This site has a vast tourist potential if properly developed.Similarly, the other places in Gool region, such as Dagantop located in the lap of nature and having lushgreen meadows and breathtaking view, need to be developed and promoted as a tourist spot to attract tourists, especially in summer to give them a respite from the scorching heat of the plains as the climate of these places is cool and refreshing and energising.The other tourist spots in Gool-Mahore region, such as Tatta Paani, Sonabag etc, Dudu Basantgarh and Moungri-Panchari in Udhampur District and Pogal ParIstan in Ramban also offer exotic and unparalled beauty but crave for the attention of the concerned authorities for development of infrastructure and upgradation of road connectivity to attract heavy footfall of tourists.All these tourist spots are blessed with unparallelled natural beauty having coniferous forests, lush green meadows, bubbling springs, murmuring streams having cool crystal clear water and cool energising breeze which fills the visitors with vigour and energy.These spots can be developed as a part of promoting rural and ecotourism by exposing the tourists to local cuisine, culture, customs and way of living.In this way,the local unemployed youth can be provided gainful employment.At the same time facilities such as tourist huts, view points, toilets etc be provided at these places to promote tourism and thus transform the socio economic life of the local people.
Ashok Sharma,
Housing Colony, Udhampur.


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