Problems of youth

The present era belongs to the youth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also working for the youth of the country. In Jammu and Kashmir, no doubt, many measures has  been taken for the welfare of the youth but these are not sufficient. New menace is taking place among youth like drugs etc and there is no policy for checking this menace. Today, all subjects whether it is arts or science need basic computer classes but this facility is almost missing in the schools especially in the rural areas. Similarly, there is rising unemployment in the state. Due to absence of employment, the youth are prone to stress and there is no stress management schemes. Right from the twelfth standard, many gates open for the youth but unfortunately, there is no effort from the Government to give career counselling to the students. Similarly, the sports infrastructure whether in private schools or in Government schools is absent. Some school even do not have small sporting fields not to speak of big fields. Youth need a special attention and there must be a grievance cell reserved for them for highlighting their problems
Yours etc….
Anita Aggarwal


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