Priyanka Gandhi seeks relief package for chikankari craft industry

NEW DELHI: Congress general secretary for Uttar Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday urged the UP government to announce a relief package for Lucknow’s ‘chikankari’ industry, saying it has been badly hit by the lockdown.
She said the small and medium industry had earlier suffered due to demonetisation and GST and now the lockdown has hit them hard.
“Lucknow’s chikan industry has brought laurels to UP in India and abroad. This industry which is already reeling due to demonetisation and GST has suffered badly due to the lockdown.
“UP government should immediately declare a relief package for the chikan industry and all other such small and medium industries and announce help to the labour working in them,” she said in a tweet in Hindi.
She attached a news report highlighting that the chikankari industry, a traditional craft of Lucknow, has suffered a loss of RS 2000 crore due to the lockdown and the craftsmen are on the verge of dying of hunger. (AGENCIES)


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