Private practice responsible for mess in Govt hospitals: DAK

Excelsior Correspondent
Srinagar, May 16: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) today said the private practice by Government doctors is responsible for health care mess in State.
In a statement, the DAK president Dr Nisar-ul-Hassan said that the private practice by doctors is the root cause of mess in Government hospitals and patients suffer the consequences. “Patient care is the biggest casualty due to dual practice of doctors.
“Doctors for financial gain concentrate their attention and work effort on private practice at the expense of public hospitals. They use public hospitals as recruiting grounds for practice and orchestrate scenarios to generate business for their clinics,” he said.
Dual practice creates a pervasive incentive for doctors to increase waiting times in Government hospitals so that patients are forced to go to private hospitals, Dr Nisar said, adding that for gall bladder removal, patients are made to wait for more than a year. “Patients are made to wait for months for simple tests like ultrasound and echocardiography.
“Doctors shirk work in Government hospitals to keep themselves fresh for private job. They spend most of their time in private clinics and are not available for patients in Government hospitals. At Government hospital, a senior doctor operates a patient once a week and the same doctor operates every day a dozen of patients in private hospital,” he said.
The DAK president said the patients in Government hospitals are left to the mercy of trainees who find it difficult to handle complicated cases. “They are dying due to misdiagnosis or delayed intervention due to non-availability of senior doctors who are busy in their private clinics. It is ironical that full-time Government doctors are allowed to run private clinics,” he said.


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