Preserving the Planet Earth

Ranjna Charak
For ages and ages… we, our parents, grand parents and their grand parents have grown up listening to that human being is the best creation of God on planet Earth. And he is best because of his superior intelligence with which he has been able to conquer the world, all the animals and everything on this earth.
I hope you all have heard the same great thing about us, the human beings. I hope the answer is yes!
My heart is literally wrenching while I am writing this, and my eyes are moist.
… Let me gather myself! …. yes …. I am done.
What do we human beings think? Do we really deserve the altruistic love of mother earth that she is bestowing on us for the time since she came into existence?
Did we ever take few seconds once or twice in a year to say sorry to her for the pitiless devastation that we were doing to her and her other off springs? She was ignoring our mistakes sustained us for ages and still sustaining us but yes with a stern warning…in the form of corona?
Did we ever spare time once or twice in a year to radiate our love, peace or gratitude towards the kind and loving mother Earth?
Don’t we human being the so called best creation of the God deserve this title… ?
Wisper the answer in your own ears. slowly…. I know the answer is ‘No’…
Oh my God, let me gather myself again…
These were few questions that are echoing in my mind for the last couple of months.
And one morning, when I was on my terrace for mediation…. I started crying while I visualize myself crying bitterly holding mother earth… and I was crying for my helplessness because I was not finding a way out… to heal and calm mother earth…
Afterwards every morning after meditation I started penning down my thoughts, my emotions that came out in the form of a poem, ‘Nav Bharat Vishav Vijayta’ that I spoke live on my FB page and through some other modes of media to spread my message across the world. I have talked about very basic and simple solutions for many a grave problem India and The world is facing with and they indeed to be dealt with. In my poem I have appealed to our Prime Minister for adopting the concept of three Global Festivals to show our gratitude, concern, love and respect to the mother planet Earth. I have talked about the concept of three global festivals in my poem.
And yes…….. I thought of this solution because after pondering over day and night over the question of being best creation of God, I realize God must have called us the best creation of Him perhaps He trusted us to be the most responsible creation of His as He must have thought that we humans can take care of this earth and the other creatures on this earth.
Though we behaved totally opposite of what we were expected…. But yes still we have an opportunity because corona has yet not chosen us or any of our family member…. So let us adopt the concept of three Global festivals in respect of mother earth and spread this message across the world. I need all of you to hold my hand… so that I may not feel alone….
I believe that if mother earth have never prejudiced with any of the living creatures, may be of any human race, a plant, a gigantic animal, a small insect or even a small larva inside the earth… we too should unite together…. Leaving behind our disparities to serve, care and love our planet earth.


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