PranPratishtha A unique universal event: YV Sharma

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 28: Congratulating the people of India and J&K in particular YV Sharma, spokesperson BJP, welcomed, with a deep sense of humility & gratitude,the recently held “Pranpratishtha” of “Ram Lalla” temple at Ayodhya.
He said that this has been a moment of great pride for the country & its people that will eventually turn to be the turning point of cultural renaissance for the centuries old Bhartiya civilisation.There couldn’t have been a better city than Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Rama in Bharat for catapulting a”Sanatan” at cross roads to a sense of real freedom, freshness & a sense of purpose for attaining self-reliance & targeting for higher goals of human, social, cultural, economic & political fulfilment during the “AmritKall”.
He said that the city has been described by the great sage Valmiki in Ramayan as the best city where all (residents) are exuberant, yet virtuous. All scholars variously learned in sacred lores; people are content with their own fortune, free from greed & are truthful. And yet, the city of the present was in shambles & “Ram Lalla” living in torn out tented accommodation in a country that attained independence in 1947. Leaving the temple aside, which had legal impediments since 1856, but even the city itself was not developed though there was no reason for it to be brought at par with other similarly placed towns of India like Tirupati or Madurai.
It is in great distaste that some of the so called religious leaders of the country continued to mislead the people through their vitreous campaign against the “Pranpratishtha” on 22nd January. But the people of the country, from north to south & east to west, gave them a befitting reply by being a part of the celebration, on an unimaginable scale. The whole country and the world at large was taken over by the spirit of Ram, had become “Rammye”. The celebrations were led by Narendra Modi from the front who went on a strict personal regulation for 11 days to conform mentally, physically & physiologically to the sanctity of the occasion.
The BJP Government at the centre is often discredited as a majoritarian government by the opposition & the naysayers, but the Govt of Narendra Modi let the concerned courts of India & finally the Hon’ble Supreme Court to adjudicate in the matter rather than steamroll a legislation in the parliament where it has a comfortable majority. This shows the confidence & respect the government has for various institutions of the state.
Sharma expressed confidence that with the closure of the issue of “Ram Lalla” temple, that was hanging fire since 1528, when the original Ram temple was pulled down by Mir Bakki on the orders of Aurangzeb, there will be peace & prosperity in the country & people will strive to make Bharat a developed country by 2047, as envisaged by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister. “Pranpratishtha” of the temple at Ayodhya is also in line with the “five Vows” of the PM viz removing any trace of colonial mindset & taking pride in our legacy. Sharma added that the celebrations throughout the world and the reaction of the people despite diversities from every nook and corner of the globe proved that the ideals and the inspirations of Maryada Purshotam Ram are going to make Ayodhya the “SPIRITUAL CAPITAL” of the world.