‘Prabhu made it easy for me to dance’

He is the man of the moment. Ajay Devgn seems to strike gold with every project he takes up. Having given a hit with filmmaker Prabhu Deva in the form of Son of Sardar, he decided to team up with the director once again for Action Jackson. And the film is already doing great at the box office. Ajay speaks to correspondent Gaurav Sharma

You seem to be aggressively promoting Action Jackson.
That is every actor’s job these days. A film needs to be promoted well. I have been doing this for the last one month and I am really excited about the response the film has generated. It has been quite hectic for me but I am enjoying it.
But you don’t seem to be tired.
(Laughs). I have always believed in giving 100 per cent to what I do. Probably, that’s the reason I don’t look tired. You simply can’t do a film and then leave it to the directors and producers to promote it.
Why is Prabhu Deva missing from the promotions?
He is very shy but he is trying to be there whenever possible. He is a completely committed person, who doesn’t understand anything but films. He doesn’t speak much.
So you have taken up the responsibility on your shoulders.
(Laughs again) Yes I am giving interviews and attending promotional events. It’s a big film. In fact, all Prabhu Deva films are big. He makes every film on a big canvas and never disappoints the audience. I realised that while working on Son of Sardar. He is full of energy and focused but at the same time very down to earth.
You too are known to be shy person.
I don’t feel I have much to speak to the media when my film is not releasing. I have always been a very introvert person but I have also changed a lot. Earlier, I was even missing from the promotions but I do a lot of talking these days. In fact, I am making up for Prabhu’s absence.
Why did you decide to do Action Jackson? Is it because of Prabhu Deva?
I have always believed in variety. I have always experimented. Prabhu Deva is definitely one of the biggest reasons I am doing this film. I had a wonderful experience working with him in Son of Sardar and we gelled well during the shooting of the film. It was there itself that we decided to work again and hopefully we will do many more films together.
How much of the film has action and how much does it have Jackson?
Oh it has everything. The film is a complete entertainer, exactly what you expect form Prabhu Deva. It has adequate dosage of action, romance, dance and comedy.
In fact you have stepped out of your comfort zone and danced a lot in the film?
When Prabhu came with the script, I was really excited because it had meat and all the ingredients of commercial cinema. However, Prabhu never told me that I had to dance. It was only after the script reading session that he told me that I was required to dance. (Laughs) I thought for a while and then agreed because I knew Prabhu was going to make it easy for me.
So was it easy for you to dance?
Oh he made me work a lot but finally it became very easy for me. I haven’t danced so much in any of my films and I really enjoyed doing it.
The film also stars Sonakshi Sinha, who too was part of Son of Sardar?
She is one of the most promising actors and also a very lucky mascot for us. I am really excited to be working with such a talented actress once again.
How much has Sonakshi matured as an actress?
A lot in fact. The good thing is that with maturity at times comes a lot of corruption but Sonakshi is one actress who only believes in working hard. That’s the reason all her films are doing great and I am very happy to work with her.
It’s long that we have seen a home production from you.
There are quite a few things that we are discussing and soon something with be finalised and we will make a formal announcement. It’s going to be a big project.
Finally, when do we see Kajol and you in a film together?
We are surely going to work together whenever we come across a good script. There are quite a few scripts that we are discussing but nothing has been finalised. We don’t want to rush at things and do a film because we have to do it. I have always believed in working on films, where the script is the hero. The other factors come after that. (TWF)


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