PPEU for recalling recent Govt order, upholding SRO 59 implementation

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 13: Provincial Power Employees Union (PPEU) today condemned the Government Order No 277F of 2018 dated 06-06-2018 and letter No CEJ/Court/SRO-59/175-98 dated 04-06-2018, terming the both illegal and void ab-initio.
Addressing a meeting of the Union here today, Shakti Gupta, chairman, PPEU, said that SRO-59 of 1990 dated 06-02-1990 has come into force by way of amendment to J&K services (revised pay) rules 1987 providing for the various pay scales/pay grades adopted by the PDD through the Government order No 78-PDD of 1995 dated 20-03-1995 for upgradation/rationalization of pay scales led to the caderisation/categorization of PDD employees working in executive cadres of the department pursuant to the Government order No 270-PDD of 1996.
He said that Government order No 270-PDD of 1996 never provides for placement in a particular pay grade through DPC and similar is the position here with the SRO 59 of 1990 and Government order No 78-PDD of 1996, clearly providing for upgradation of pay scales along with its rationalization without undergoing the DPC for the placement to the said pay scales under SRO 59 of 1990, 78-PDD of 1995 as well as 270-PDD of 1996.
Gupta said it is for this reason the said SRO was itself implemented by the Finance Department vide its OMO No A/76 (91-680) dated 07-06-1995 in strict adherence to the Article 77 (a) (ii) of J&K Civil Services Regulation as well as Article 88 (B), thus the settled position made by the rules as well as made by the Government itself regarding the implementation of SRO 59 of 1990, 78-PDD of 1995 as well as 270-PDD of 1996.
“Now PDD/Government cannot make a U-turn just by saying that due to clarification issued by the PWD vide No PW/ITCT-2000/SRO 59 dated 22-08-2000 read with UO No A/29 (96-376) dated 07-08-2000, the said SRO 59 of 1990 as well as SRO 393 of 1997 are not in existence just by the issuance of Government order No 277F of 2018 issued by the Finance Department as well as Letter No CEJ/Court/SRO 59/175-98 issued by Chief Engineer”, he added.


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