Power of Silence

Minal Gupta

In today’s hi-tech world our lives have become so chaotic and full of distractions that we don’t even get to notice what lies within us. We are captivated by these distractions so much so that we are loosing our precious time to introspect ourselves. We are loosing the sight of our lives in finding out whats going on in other peoples lives through their social-networking posts. 24/7 we are connected to the world, which is a good thing but making it an addiction is not the right thing. Let’s ask a question to ourselves. How often the first thing that we do when we get up with half eyes open is looking at our phones and checking our Facebook and Whatsapp? Im sure mostly we do this! But have we ever realised that we could spend this beautiful, precious time figuring out a purpose for our lives, a little thinking that could help us find the real us.
For many of us SILENCE could be just keeping quiet when you are angry at someone and you don’t want an argument or it may be keeping shut because of suppression by someone in power or it may be zipping up just to show respect. In all forms silence is suppressing of emotions and thoughts. This concealment of thoughts and emotions can become a very powerful tool but only if we try and unravel this life’s hack by understanding our silence.
We are so occupied with such meaningless things in our lives that we have lost the power to understand the sound of silence. Leave understanding it, most of us can not even listen to it.  This inner voice tells us what will make us a better human being. The reason why depression has become a serious threat to the world is we are more into other people’s lives than ours. We need to Stop-Breath-Listen to the silence that can cure most of our psychological problems. Anxiety attacks and panic attacks have become so common, it is all because we have been neglecting ourselves and our thoughts. In olden times people use to go to peaceful places just to find the right direction to live, to have a purpose. In these modern times all we can do is give ourselves some time to assimilate our silence and find peace of mind and control of our lives.
Today in this fast pace moving world we have forgotten to give ourselves a break and grant rest to our machine- like working mind and body.
Silence has the power to heal all wounds. We can come out as a strong person if we try and hear the silence. In life we all go through ups and downs, so all we can do to make this journey a little smoother is by hearing the silence and the shrilling thunders that our hidden inside our silence.
We need to take out time for ourselves and try to listen carefully as to what our silence has in store for us. The power of silence is so strong that it can lead you to get solutions for overcoming the biggest huddles in life. So just sit down, relax and let your silence speak. Don’t Just Listen but Hear It-Rediscover yourself.


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