Power crises in Jammu

Jammu is in the grip of power crisis in these sweltring hot days. People have suffered a lot of pain due to frequent power cuts day in and day out. It is not only frequent power cuts but unscheduled power supply also. Prolong power cuts in the city of temple has made the life of people miserable.
Moreover this power curtailment has led to the water scarcity in almost all parts of Jammu city. The ailing and old, babies and children stand helpless before curtailment.
Time and again the Power Department has been made aware of the prevailing power situation in Jammu city but no action in the matter has been taken till now.
Recently, it is worth to  mention here that a ministerial team from Jammu has met State CM in this connection and apprised him of the present power curtailment in Jammu and let us hope that situation with regard to power cuts and its curtailment will improve onwards for the common good of the people of this region.
Yours etc…..
S.N. Raina


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